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snake attack
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More about Mulderiaan
This site started somewhere around April 2007. Imagine this site is a flower. Now, then it's spring and I don't know which way the flower will grow. What will it look like, in midsummer? Mulderiaan is a thinker and a dreamer, who feels the need to express his thoughts and dreams somehow, to share them with you. How it all started, he's going to tell you:
    Mulderiaan meets Mondrian
My painting en drawing began in 2001 after I saw a simplistic looking piece of art, consisting of a few lines, made by the famous Piet Mondrian. Maybe that's the trick to make a multimilliondollarselling painting with minimum trouble, but I thought: that's no great feat and though I made my first Mulderiaan by hook or by crook, titled: Mulderiaan 's First Cross.

Later I saw that Mondrian really knows how to make an artistic masterpiece. I was able to make easy paintings like Mondrian did. That's why my train of thought told me that I also had to be capable making masterpieces like Mondrian. So I began with the birds, followed by all the other work.
    Why this website?  
    What actually is the aim of this website? Who is it intended for, and what will you find (now or then) on this site?  
    Main purpose  
    The three main elements that characterize this site are image, imagery and rhyme. With these instruments Mulderiaan allows you a view in his mind and heart. That's my purpose: to show my thoughts and feelings. Maybe you won't find an easy recognizable structure. I hope this website will stimulate your thinking and touchiness. And perhaps I'll touch a sensitive chord. You'll find sense and nonsense and maybe even the sense of nonsense.  
    Mulderiaan making money?  
  To make money with art (or whatever you might call it) is not what Mulderiaan tries to achieve. None of the paintings, drawings or poems is for sale. Mulderiaan already is very rich, because he believes. He doesn't expect miracles from money, but trusts in God en believes in Jesus Christ.  

snake attack ends