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There are those...
who wander in deep darkness
guided by worries and annoyances
wandering about in the wood
living like a wolf or fox could

By way of slyness they're trying
to become everyone's master and king
with guile and lies they let the others make a mistake
their motto is: you only get what you take
the stolen food is scarily kept hiding
in their safely locked houses they try to stay out of fighting
terrified to loose they're fighting for a perfect living
not knowing that their world can't be saved by taking, only by sharing

As many a man I didn't feel quit at home here
I was longing to escape the hate and the fear
that is so terribly present on our earth
if this life is all, well what's it worth?

Then in a dream I saw some kind of face
that spoke of a bright shining light of grace
an overwhelming friendly shining light - that surrounded me like a warm blanket in a could night
while I felt like I was floating - I got showed the point of living
it's a lesson in learning to let loose you're life at best
and inherit a fine Day of rest
when you have given up every idle thing - you sure get a supremely swinging living
you already know - which way to go
have faith and don't be afraid - trust God, it's never too late
even though men might mock at you - at your journey through life He's willing to
take care of you never losing grip
going home you certainly have a save trip