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snake attack
n a dream I saw this happened
a tortuous serpent
came silently crawling out of a tree
to the heart of a woman who looked at me 

She herself didn't seem to be aware of the event
for a long time the snake was outside her face field
and she just stood there naked without any shield
at first sight she wasn't scared its approaching could become violent

But I became awake after intense tossing about
sweating in bed and with a strange feeling I tried to shout
a strange heaviness of heart came over me
I made a beating gesture with my hand near my chest
as if the snake had wanted to beset me instead of the lady
just at the time I was well awake
I realized there was no real snake
the story behind the dream I discovered after I laid back down to rest

  The serpent stands synonymous for the evil spirit who tries
to disguise that he has always been the father of lies
he masquerades as an angel of light
with smooth talk he feeds people with selfishness and pride
he, the destroying angel, full of rage
calls himself the god of this age
and to the only truth LORD he declared war
although he is a fallen angel he claims to be more

The ancient serpent that speaks with a slimy split tongue
slips into many human hearts to make them do wrong
his sweet words seem so plausible and nice
but he's a murderer from the beginning who kills you twice
as an accomplished tempter it's all beauty that he shows
it's his misleading talk that mutual disunion sows

The serpent as we know him
  Bible   The woman imagines those who believe in Jesus Christ
if it was possible for the devil to achieve
than he gladly would like to deprive them of that belief
because in a little while time's up, the devil realized

The woman once became friendly with that crawling beast afterwards
she felt naked and deceived and frightened at the least

God put enmity between the woman and the serpent
but the snake doesn't show contrition
as a roaring lion he wants to revenge its perdition
and tries until the end
to break the covenant between God and His children
by teaching everyone what God has forbidden
and preaching freedom, while hating each and every wise command
supporting him in its insurrection against God is his demand
  The used diabolic denominations you'll also find here:  
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(New International Version)

snake attack ends