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The Bird Cage 


Once a pastor began to speak
about what he did last week
George Thomas was his name

This man who came
from a small New England town
got to church and there put down
very visible frontal on stage
a rusty old bird cage

On that Easter Sunday morning
everyone looked up curious awaiting
what Thomas was about to say:

I was walking through town yesterday
when I saw a young boy wildly swinging this cage around
out of the cage came an anxious sound
of three little wild birds
which were cold, shivering and crawled away
whistling softy as if they wanted to say
it hurts

He stopped the lad
and said:
"What you got there, son?"
"Just some old birds" he smiled with self-satisfaction
"And what are you gonna do with them?
"Take 'em home and have fun with 'em"
said the boy
full of joy
"I'm gonna tease them and pull out their feathers to make them fight
I'm just gonna have a good time enjoying that tonight"

"But a question again
you get tired of those birds what will you do then?"

The little boy proudly said:
"then I'll feed them to my cat"

For a moment the pastor kept silent
then asked "how much do you want for those birds, son?"
"huh?!" he asked as if he was listening to a crazy patient
"these are ugly plain old field birds that don't even sing"
but the pastor asked again "how much for everything?"
thinking "well if you're that crazy"
he said "let's make it a dollar or eighty?!"

Without a word he put it in the boy's hand
in a flash the boy went away and
the pastor picked up the bird cage gently
walked to the park and set the birds free

Therefore the cage in the church stood empty
and Thomas began this story:

One day Satan met Jesus and started talking
Satan had just come from the Garden of Eden and was gloating and boasting
and he said: beware
I just caught your world of people down there
set me a trap, used bait
now they're angry and afraid
I knew they couldn't resist it
I got them all, just admit!

Jesus asked "what are you going to do with them?"
Satan replied "o, I'm gonna have fun with'em!
make them marry and then divorce
let them use their power and force
to abuse each other
by telling them that it don't bother
I learn them how to hate
how to shoot each other with a gun
they will steel, lie and lose faith
and kill each other just for fun

Jesus asked "and what will you do when you get done?"
"O, I'll kill 'em" Satan glared proudly
"How much do you want for them?" Jesus asked quickly
"Huh" the devil said
"you don't want those people, they're bad
when you'll take them they'll hate you, spit on you, curse you and kill you
I'm sure you don't want that, will you?"

"How much?" He asked again
"All right then
all your tears and all your blood" Satan sneered
Jesus said: DONE!
paid the price and the devil disappeared
then it was only a matter of time before Satan definitely has gone

The bird cage is still standing on the floor
with an open door