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  There's enough money on this planet                         
that's known by everyone who has counted it
but with the sharing of it, something's radically wrong
that's already going on for ages and ages

Still there is no steady sharing of money and goods
and yet it's the world balance which suggests an equilibrium
right on the balance: two great blocks of gold
and on the left a big pile of coins that puts the balance on hold

How would this unstable stability look to you?
shall the balance knock down at once or can it continue?
a pair of rich persons on the right never get tired of gathering
but the account of poor men on the left is still growing
some say let's make poverty history
but because of a potent example of impotence it doesn't become reality

There is always a present stress of getting to less
that curbs the generosity of everyone with money
everywhere the progressive fighters think they're right
head to toe armed they never give up their unjust fight
with unfair trade the poor men are left behind
they're supposed to butter up the rich very kind
they're turned into slaves of the rich man's holy belief:
the free enterprise economy
therefore the democracy gives no guarantee
for a righteous and safe living
because everyone's to scared to share, they are all just taking

More and more striking they pay off money debt making more debt
they owe money right and left but keep it safely kept
accusations are brushed aside with a smile on their face
not even looking for excuses they only exist in disgrace
the rich oppressors have no shame for their evil tricks
"Wir haben es nicht gewusst" they say after they gave away their deadly kicks
those evil man are still not aware of their own ruination
whether they already live in resignation

For the world gets disrupted
the rich succumb because of their own overweight
and soon they can only watch how their world collapsed
when all the money has been eaten by money and evaporated in the heat of their hate