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  you will always be  
  in my heart and memory  
  There is no one like you  
  so I´m not looking for someone like you  
  We are separated - maybe this whole life  
  because you´re someone else´s wife  
  perhaps I meet another girl someday  
  but she won't be like you anyway  
  One day you will see  
  the One that loves you, was not only me  
  I´m sorry that I couldn´t explain it all  
  my courage and thoroughness was too small  
  I didn't know what to say or what to do  
  you had to go but somehow I'll miss you  
  I never forget you  
  you´re settled in my heart  
  if you ever show up  
  then know that you are never uninvited  
  About Jesus I didn't tell you a lot  
  but I want to say: It's good to know God  
  don´t be afraid  
  yes, He´s great  
  but He is not angry of you  
  just like me, He loves you too  
  One day you will see  
  Even if I don´t see you again - I see you as a friend  
  far beyond the end  
  at the end of this life you will see  
  what yet is a mystery  
  love and life for eternity  

Mulderiaan: (Not) someone like you, 1 juni 2011