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The world wants   God wants
the best of the best   all the best for you

The best idea   His idea:
the biggest hit of all time from the best band   He wants to accept you as small as you are
the most beautiful dance from the best dancer   He loves you if you honestly admit your shortcomings
the tastiest meal from the MasterChef   He approves you even if you can't manage everything
the best fotoshoot of the next top model   He persists you´re pretty ...
the craziest creation from the most famous fashion freak   even if you don´t fit in the temporarily picture perfect
the best imitation of the best imitator   He makes you better than every first price winner
the newest Uri Geller-tric from the best magician He doesn't turn you into a slavish servant
      but liberates you from pretentious performance pressure
The biggest illusion     you can enjoy life without coercion
The world has its jury on TV   God is as jury present behind the screens
a lot of candidates are struggling to be   and wants to protect the so-called losers
the best and not getting dropped away   He will treat you like a winner and not as a sinner
but losers are lost and can't stay   If you love yourself and equally care about others
ultimate, the best isn't good enough   and them heartily forgive their shortcomings
their story: a minute of glory   than Gods judgement
then thrown away very rough   is to your advantage  
The world wants   You are not garbage  
only the best of the best   God doesn't throw you away
to suck it empty and put it away   but wants to keep you