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Where would God like to live?




Where would God like to live?
simple question - but no easy answer to give!
a lot of people pretend to know
where He wants to be or likes to go

Of course He's not attached to one spot
but what's the favourite "place to be" for God?

Some are spending so much money and time
to build an impressive cathedral that it's almost a crime
with pretence, their pastors ask without hesitation
the Lord to come in their "house of God"

in His name they tell a natty narration
but sometimes I'm afraid
that their love and believe carries no weight
and therefore their words donīt mean a lot

  He doesn't need to be pampered in expensive glorious Temples
He rather stays in a tent of his humans without outwardly jewels
you can search Him at a Holy mass of Sunday service
but better let Him find you, while making your whole life a public worship

God is always unique in a strange way - He likes your body as a place to stay
it may sound a little odd - but your body is a temple of God

And when your body goes - every Christian knows:
Jesus the 'son of king David' is building a temple everlasting
a kingdom where God lives with you without ending

Do well, keep loving and donīt be afraid of pedantic bosses
theologians, pastors, popes or other haughty preachers
True life starts with the knowledge: God wants to live in your heart